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What kinds of vehicles are use for cargo carriage

Виды автомобилей для перевозки грузаCargo truck – are vehicles the body and cabin of which is attached to carrying frame of the vehicle. Shorten this type called "trucks" or “lorry”. Trucks are divided into board the car and vans.

Board vehicle - is one of the oldest structures of cargo vehicles. The body is a platform, which closed with 4-sided boards. During load or unload, the board can be fold. This type equipment is use for carriage of building materials or goods that do not require special conditions of transportation. Cargo you can find here.

Бортовая машина

Van- vehicle that structurally connected to the closed body. The difference between the board vehicles is completely closed body. It can carry cargo, which require special conditions (for example, does not tolerate high humidity or exposure to ultraviolet light). Vans divide into isothermal body and refrigerated body. They are often use for transportation of products which have limited shelf life. When you search for cargo transportation from Europe, you should take into account these factors.


Tractor- it is self-propelled vehicle with the engine.  It is uses for towing trailers and semi-trailers.

There is also an artic, which designed for towing construction trailed its fifth wheel. This type of machinery is very maneuverable, has a high load carrying capacity and suitable for long loads transportation. In case of damage, it can simply replaced, without need for another technique of overload.


Trailer is vehicle without motor. It is uses as a structural unit of techniques and forms a road-train.  The trailer can use for cargo carriage with different sizes.

Depending on the trailer purpose, there are several types of vehicles to carry cargo:

  • Vehicle-borne;
  • Tipper;
  • Insulated;
  • Reefer;
  • Tilt;
  • Other.

Some information about semitrailers

Semitrailer – is a kind of trailer that based on the prime mover towing mechanism. In case of breakage, you can change the tractor head without any difficulty. That is the main advantage of the semitrailer. Also, this type of transport has a large carrying capacity, maneuverability and suitable for transportation of long-measuring and small cargo. Semi-trailers are equipped with 2 or 3 axles. One of the axles, lift and activated only during the carriage of bulky cargo. If the transport is not heavily loaded or even goes blank, the wear rubber is significantly reduces. We recommend that you to read the following articles if you begin to carry cargo:

Semitrailers are divide into:

  • Tent;
  • Vehicle-borne;
  • Refrigerated;
  • Tank;
  • Trawls;
  • Platforms;
  • Tippers;
  • Other.

Moto car body - is an essential part of the vehicle that attached to the frame. Depending on the body purpose, transport for cargo carriage divide into:


Tent – is the board body modification with special means, which fix with the help of lace tent. There are tent trailers, semi-trailers and trucks;

Solid metal have the metal walls, which increase the body strength in several times and metal doors eliminate theft.

Insulated – body design, made from the basis of an all-metal frame, which walls are taped insulation material. This allows cargo shipping, which affects the high temperature;

Refrigerator - an upgraded model of the insulated body, a complete set of which includes a refrigeration unit. This body can maintain the necessary temperature. The temperature amplitude depends on the power of the refrigerating unit. There are 6 classes of refrigerators with different temperature conditions:

  • Class A with a temperature from +120C to 00C;
  • Class B with a temperature from + 120C to -100C;
  • Class C with a temperature from + 120C to -200C;
  • Class D with a temperature about + 20C;
  • Class E with a temperature about -100C;
  • Class F with a temperature about -200C;

Tanks are use for transportation of liquid and gaseous cargo. Such body is make from steel or aluminum. Compared with the metal, aluminum easier and do not corrode, also, their walls do not need special coatings. Tanks, which made from aluminum, do not change their characteristics under the influence of low temperatures. They can be in circular shape, an ellipse shape and "suitcase". Some models are equipped with special tanks, pumps that allow to drain substances. In order to keep the temperature, the tank equipped with some "steam jacket" in form of camera around the body. Breakwaters are use to prevent tipping and to reduce the impact value of the fluid. Some modern tanks can be equipped with the dispensing nozzle or counters;

Dump-body trucks designed for automatic cargo unload. During the slope of the body, the backboard opens automatically. These vehicles are use for transportation of bulk building materials;

Platform – is a ladder, which is use for transportation of heavy and oversized cargo. Carrying capacity of the vehicle about 200 tons;

Trawl - a kind of platforms, which are use for transportation of equipment, machinery, timber and other.

There are many kinds of vehicles for cargo transportation, which make possible to select whatever you need. Our B2B platform will help you!