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Placement rules for enterprises

Enterprise catalog contains information about all registered users.
To post enterprise information in catalog, first of all, you need to register on . After it, you may choose type of activity, corresponding to the profile of the company; specify the full name of the company, code of the company, year of its foundation, number of employees, contact information and a password. If the user forgot username or password, the system will send information to the e-mail specified in registration.

1. enterprise catalog prohibit to post information from web resources, online shopping, and prohibited content;

2. Enterprise catalog prohibit to post spam and duplicate the commercial offers;

3. do not accept enterprises and organizations whose actions violate the law of Ukraine;

4. The catalog prohibit to place enterprises and organizations, the content of which does not correspond to selected rubric;

5. Do not place advertising information;

6. enterprise catalog prohibit to post code, meta tags, various figures and symbols;

7. Do not post information that violates generally accepted standards of morality, as well as information containing profanity;

8. When the user register a business or organization, prohibit:

* to specify the wrong information about the year of foundation of the company, number of employees, the name and legal form;
* to specify incorrect or nonexistent e-mail of the company, as we send the activation link on specified e-mail. If the user has specified an incorrect e-mail address, he can change it in account profile settings, and activation letter will be sent to new e-mail addres;

9. If the company does not agree with the User Agreement, it can not be registered on the resource.