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Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy designed to describe how to collect personal information, use it and disclose. Here you can find Privacy Policy.

Using this resource, you agree with:

  • Collection and using of your personal information and data described in this Privacy Policy.
  • Using cookies.
  • Receiving messages with notifications, to inform about current activities and special offers of


The current Privacy Policy extend to information collected through this resource, and does not extend to other web resources, which are associated with these resources. Privacy Policy does not extend to companies, whose activities we have not control.
Accepting current Privacy Policy while registration on, you agree with collection, use and disclosure of your information in accordance with this Policy.
You have the right to view some parts of the resource, without telling us your personal data. However, you lose your anonymity if you give us your personal information. In this case, you agree with collection, use and storage your data on our servers according to this Privacy Policy.

Personal information store on

  • enterprise name; contact person’s name; contact details: phone number and address; enterprise code; year of foundation; the number of employees;
  • correspondence sent you through this website;
  • computer information to enter the date, time, IP address, page statistics, location;
  • other technical information and data resources, including the IP address, cookies, and other information gathered from web log;
  • content and other opened information through the resources or information from other users about you and the information you provide voluntarily.

Information sharing:

We can use the information you provide to us for such purposes:

  • We can use your name, surname, all contact information and password to identify you as a user of .
  • We can show your personal information on pages and send correspondence to your e-mail address, also notify about the promotions, discounts, special offers and other news. The user has the right to unsubscribe it in the e-mail service settings.
  • We can use your personal information in e-mail lists, to notify you about news and the portal opportunities, news and promotions, as well as other information. The user has the right to unsubscribe it.

Information protection

We are taking all necessary measures to protect the confidentiality of the information. All collected information is stored on one or more secure servers, which do not have access beyond our corporate network. All employees that have access to the personal data of users, have signed an agreement about nondisclosure personal information to the third parties.
We use all technical, administrative and physical measures to maintain the security and integrity of your data, as well as carry out your privacy settings. However, we can not guarantee and ensure the security of information you transmit to fully. Despite all our efforts, third parties may unlawfully possess or find access to your personal data, and other users can use or abuse your personal data collected from the resource.

User rights

Log in the resource, the user has the right to view and change most of the personal data. User is obliged to update the information promptly if it is not accurate or has changed. If the user wants to disable the account, he can apply to the Support. To all mentioned, keeps all personal information from closed accounts in full, which is provided by the current legislation. In addition, we have the right to perform other actions, which provided by the law or this Privacy Policy.
In future, if the user wants to stop sharing or disclose his data to the third parties or if the user wants to request access to delete or modify any personal data that we have not provided for the consideration of the user, changing or deleting - he can contact us directly by this e-mail: [email protected]. After receiving the request for termination, Support will fulfill user's request within a specified time.


The current document considers the disclosure and using of the information, which collects about user, unless otherwise provided in the Privacy Policy of the Resource. If the user discloses information to the third parties, who are also users of this resource or other Internet resources it will apply other rules.


This document can modified to reflect our latest developments. We reserve the right to change the information in this Privacy Policy at any time, so we advise users to check the document on the presence of any changes. All the documents changes and updates will appear on this web page. We will inform you publicly or individually about updates that are more important.