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Terms of delivery

Правила доставки грузаEach carrier, irrespective of the legal ownership form, must strictly observe the rules of goods delivery, which are set out in the legislation. Most of the rules were created in Soviet Union and actual for today. Despite this, their execution is required.

Carriage rules depend on carrying cargo.

Long-measuring cargo carriage

Carriage of this type of cargo is not so different from the large or overall cargo carriage, but you should consider physical characteristics and kind of specialized vehicles. Besides solving organizational issues, you should understand the specifics of the cargo on the load step. It’s not difficult to transport such cargo, but it’s hard to move. Loaders must have experience to work with long-measuring cargo. If the truck is longer than 20 m, you need to receive special permission for such carriage. But if the truck length is more than 30 m or transport can partially occupy the opposite lane during the movement, it is required escort police vehicle.

Transport of perishable goods

You can carry perishable cargo only under temperature conditions (plant food, foods of animal origin, products of processing and living plants). This means that vehicle must be equipped with a refrigeration plant. Temperature conditions requirements are grounded, because such products can get out of order and become unfit for use. The shipper should make a claim for temperature condition, which corresponds to refrigerator ability.

Regulations for bulk cargo carriage

Bulk cargo carriage requires the vehicle availability from the transport company. During the bulk cargo load, the cargo surface should not exceed the upper end and do not fall out while driving. Such cargo is prohibited to carry without package. In addition, during the bulk cargo carriage in a vehicle with an open body, the body should be covered with a tarp or other covering.

правила перевозки длинномерного груза

Transportation of cargo tanks

Tanks are used for bulked cargo carriage. Each bulked cargo type is required a modified tank. For example, crude oil, gasoline, milk and fish are require the use different containers. Tanks use for crude oil, light and dark petroleum products, liquefied gas, for liquid waste and chemicals. In most cases, they have the same dimensions: from 20 to 40 thousand liters, length from 13,7 to 16,1m, weight from 4.5-6 m, with working pressure to 25 kg / cm3.

Transportation of cargo containers

Containers are economical way to transport cargo, so they are very popular. It is easy to remove them with the help of special transport devices and put different cargo inside. If you want to move the goods from one vehicle to another, there is no need to overload the cargo – that’s another advantage of this package.

Universal containers with standard parameters are most popular. They can easily adapted to the different modes of transport. Cargo containers have the following types:

  • 3-ton with the load standard 2.4 m;
  • 5-ton with the load standard 4 tons;
  • 20 with the load standard 21,8 t;
  • 40 with the load standard 30 tons.

Правила перевозки груза

Heavy-load truck moves

Heavy-load – is the load that has large dimensions, weight and volume. For this type of carriage is used a special equipment and it is the only solution when conventional trucks can not handle. If the transport company has large trains, it is an indicator of its development. The cost of such services will be higher than normal transportation, but it is justified, because if you calculate the cost of transportation of heavy-load or other modes of transport in a disassembled state, it will be more expensive.

Long-haul traffic for cargo

Long-haul traffic – is long distance transportation. This category includes international and domestic long distances transportation. As such transport can locate on the route for few weeks, you should consider earnestly for its technical and operational characteristics, diagnosis and repair. Convenience and car safety plays a very important factor.

Cargo volume for long transportation is big, so it is need a heavy vehicle. The volume of heavy freight trains can be up to 60 tons.

Transportation of indivisible loads

Large and heavy loads are indivisible, so they can not be transferred in parts. This can be boiler equipment, enormous power transformers, agricultural and building equipment. Such goods can carried only with the help of special service vehicles, which is designed or has the possibility of to prepare it for each consignment. Employees should be instructed and prepared for the challenges of this complexity.