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Accompanying documents for cargo carriage in Russia and Ukraine

Regardless to the cargo and transport type, each driver must have documents confirming his right to perform such actions during the carriage. The main documents include:

  • Good-transport waybill - a document that the shipper subscribes. It consists of a transport and commodity section. In the transport section, you should indicate the route, vehicle and driver data. Nomenclature, number, weight and cargo price you should indicate in the product section. Waybill prepared in 4 copies each must be certified by the original seal.
  • Waybill - issued by the carrier.
  • The contract between the shipper and the carrier; you can also use copy, certified by one of the parties. Also you can use power of attorney for cargo carriage with original seals, which issues on  the driver’s name.

Сопроводительные документы для перевозки груза по России и Украине

Additional documents include:

  • Consignment note – use in cases when waybill include incomplete list of transported goods.
  • Certificate of conformance of the cargo and passport quality.
  • Invoice.
  • Each driver that carries cargo should have the following documents on transport:
  • Driver's license or temporary permission to drive a vehicle;
  • Registration documents, coupon to pass the vehicle MOT test;
  • Document, which confirms vehicle ownership rights;
  • The insurance policy of obligatory insurance of civil liability of the vehicle owner;
  • Vehicle sanitary passport for products carriage.