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How to get permission to carry a dangerous goods

Traffic accidents happen all the time, so the transportation of dangerous goods is under the watchful control of public authorities. This allows to minimize the number of transport accidents.

Cargo should carried in specially equipped containers or tanks that will provide safety on the road. Mechanic should check vehicle before every shipment. Vehicles adapted for the carriage of dangerous goods must be equipped with an operable brake gear, fire extinguishers, and system for comfortable work and rest.

как получить лицензию на перевозку опасного груза

Firstly, the car owner or the transport company must get a license. The Ministry of Transport issue this document. Validity of the license is unlimited. Licenses are issue to private entrepreneurs and enterprises. License card is issue on each vehicle.

To get a license you need apply the following documents:

  1. Application to get license to carry a dangerous goods;
  2. Statement about enterprise registration (original);
  3. Information about technical hardware – additionally you need to provide:
    • Information on parking (a copy of the parking territory lease contract or copy of land certificate and ownership certificate);
    • Information about technical and repair inspection of the vehicle (placement characteristics, equipment or contract copy for technical inspection with organization that has an appropriate base);
    • Information about who and where conduct pre-trip medical examination (address of the doctor office and his license);
  4. Car List - established form, additionally you need to provide:
    • Copy of the vehicle technical passport;
    • Copy of the rights on drivers who will carry a dangerous goods;
    • Copy of drivers medical certificates;
    • Copy of the certificates to carry dangerous goods, received on drivers who will carry dangerous goods;
    • Copy of the certificates on vehicles with the right to carry dangerous goods;
  5. Copy of the accident insurance for drivers.