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On our site you can make an order for the purchase of raw materials, gases and fuels of different types.

In general, fuel & ndash; a substance that in the course of certain processes (thermal or nuclear) releases the energy necessary for the technical purposes of mankind. Most fuels, burning in an oxygen atmosphere, are capable of releasing a certain amount of energy that is so necessary at the present stage. Fuel classification & ndash; various. Isolate solid, liquid and gaseous fuels according to the aggregate state, and by the method of obtaining & ndash; natural and artificial. The modern world uses fossil fuels.

On our website you can find basic information on different types of fuel, its photos, the prices of goods from different suppliers and place an order for the purchase of the necessary goods.

We suggest you buy:

  • Secondary raw materials (scrap, waste paper, waste of various types)
  • Gaseous fuels;
  • Industrial Chemistry
  • High quality lubricants;
  • Solid fuel
  • Cellulose materials.

Thanks to the sorting of the material by type, region, and other items, you can choose raw materials, gas, fuel, which is most suitable for your needs.