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STASCOM.COM – international transport platform that links two business models – B2B and B2C.

STASCOM.COM – a project of new generation that appreciates your time. In fact, one resource gives you an opportunity to sell, purchase and deliver goods all over the world.

This is a unique combination of the freight market and Internet trade center.

STASCOM.COM – a platform of future!

Today, our resource allows international companies to post information about goods, services, cargo and transport. It also enables customers to choose from the huge number of proposals.


The originality of the project concludes in those, that one resource simultaneously contains all necessary mechanisms: selling, purchasing and delivery.

Main goal:

The main purpose of our platform is to establish communications between members of the freight market and companies that produce, sell and provide their services within target audience and international cooperation.

STASCOM.COM – will make your business profitable!