Мини АЗС SWIMER (модуль заправочный,заправка)

Резервуары для топлива от 500 л до 10 000 л и более, это:- экономия времени и денег- защита среды и увеличение прибыли- комфорт у удобство- порядок и безопасность- хранение топлива
(Ukraine, Kiev region, Киев)
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Предлагаем Вам новый комплекс технических решений для производства электрической энергии. Ветрогенератор вертикальный бусшумный мощностью 3 KW. По приемлемой цене.
(Ukraine, Kharkov region, Харьков)
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Солнечные батареи для дома, Киев, Одесса, Днепр

Солнечные батареи или каких называют солнечные панели мощность 250 Вт,высокого качества,поликристаллические.С помощью солнечных батарей Вы можете создать автономное электроснабжени
Солнечная станция 3 квт для дома, зеленый тариф

Сетевая солнечная электростанция мощность 3 кВт используется для продажи излишков электроэнергии по зеленому тарифу или для снижения потребления электроэнергии из сети.Сетевая солн
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теплогенератор на компосте

На каждом частном подворье или на дачном участке наверняка найдётся 5-6 квадратных метров двора, где можно установить под небольшим навесом теплогенератор, способный помочь владель
ЭКО Биодизель,ООО
(Ukraine, Dnipropetrovsk region, Днепропетровск)

Alternative energy sources for a private house: what you need to know about this

Without energy, the existence of a whole humanity is impossible. But only the reserves of gas, coal and oil are not infinite and there will come a time when they run out. To prevent this situation from catching you unawares, you need to look for modern alternative energy sources.

The search for alternative energy sources suggests that the energy crisis is not so far away as it seemed to us. For today, the following sources of alternative energy are singled out:

  • Solar energy;
  • Wind energy;
  • Geothermal energy
  • Anaerobic processing of organic waste.

An alternative to traditional energy sources, what is it and how to use it?

Now let's talk about each source separately. The radiation of the Sun is used to generate electricity and for heat supply. The main advantages of this energy source is its renewability, absence of harmful emissions and noiselessness. But because of the insufficient intensity of solar radiation will need a large area for the construction of solar power plants. The issue of utilization of photoelectric elements, for the production of which toxic and toxic substances were used, remains unresolved.

Wind energy is the most promising in the field of alternative energy sources. The wind forces the wind wheel to move, which transmits this rotation to the rotor of the electric generator. In very windy places, wind is an inexhaustible source of energy. But he has one drawback & ndash; it is very noisy, therefore, they are usually built away from cities and towns.

In the depths of our Earth there is a large amount of thermal energy. This is directly related to the high core temperature. Such geothermal energy can be used to generate electricity and for heat supply. The main advantage of this energy source is independence from weather conditions and inexhaustibility. Thermal waters, which are used to produce heat or electricity, have many minerals and toxic compounds. The waste water can not be discharged into ordinary bodies of water, so it must be pumped back into the aquifer.

Anaerobic processing of organic waste allows to obtain biogas, which can be used for heat supply. Biogas consists of a mixture of hydrogen sulfide, carbon dioxide and methane. The capacity for processing is often mounted in the thickness of the ground to prevent even the slightest leakage. In addition to biogas, such processing allows obtaining fertilizer for plants. The only drawback of such a device is an increased explosion hazard.

Where and how best to buy an alternative energy source

You can order alternative energy sources for your home from the manufacturer on our portal. We suggest you directly contact the manufacturer without intermediaries and independently agree on the details of the order and the final price.

Buy alternative energy sources for a private home & ndash; this is a wise decision that will allow you to become independent, and also to contribute to the preservation of the environment.