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Advantages and disadvantages of wooden houses

Wooden houses and constructions have many benefits: comfort, warmth, pleasant woody odor, strong construction and other. All these advantages can realize only with the proper house construction.

You should remember, that wooden construction also have some disadvantages. First of all it’s insects. Thermite – the main enemies of such houses. If you would not pay attention on it, annoying parasites will destroy all wood. Also, pay attention to the fact, that wood is a material that well burns.

Before building, you must carefully choose the timber (log). It is necessary to choose the dry timber (lumber) as not fully dried core can subsequently give a crack that often appear along the log. Also, this type of wood always under the sunlight and increased moisture (rain, snow).

Before building, you should remember all advantages and disadvantages. All necessary materials for wooden construction, you can find at website in catalogue section “Wood, equipment and construction”.  Go to the website right now and buy all necessary products at favorable prices.