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How to reduce fuel consumption?

Fuel prices always rising and drivers need to save money. At this point, the question logically arises how to reduce the consumption of the fuel? Cars with cheap type of fuel or vehicles with low fuel consumption are the most popular types within drivers all over the world.

To reduce fuel consumption, you can follow few recommendations:

  • Keep a record consumption. You should point fuel uplift;
  • Turn off the car during stationary;
  • If your vehicle with manual transmission, please note, that the most fuel takes front and reverse gear;
  • Look at the engine rpm indicator. The car "drinks" minimum fuel at low engine speed (2000-3000);
  • Tires pressure. The lower pressure, the harder to drive. A strong push on gas increase fuel consumption.

These tips will help you to save the gasoline and money. Save wisely and be careful on the roads!